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holistic, multi-functional, nutrient based
skin and body care.

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fewer. better.

Health and vitality for all skin,
with fewer products. Browse our
multifunctional, high-performing,
sustainable skin + body care.

truly holistic personal care + wellbeing

We combine our background in Nutrition, Plant Medicine and Science, with our passion for wellness and conscious, holistic living, to create skin + body care that fosters healthy, vibrant skin, cultivates well-being and is mindful of our impact on this beautiful planet.

Our circular philosophy closes the loop of intentional self care, product efficacy, conscious consumerism, and sustainability with high-performing, minimalist, multifunctional formulas, meticulously and ethically sourced botanicals, environmentally conscious ingredients and packaging, sustainable practices, a facility powered by renewable energy, and an unwavering reverence for balance, integrity, quality and transparency.

"It's the most incredible instant-result product I've ever used.

It's so hard to describe what it does and how it makes my skin feel, but the best I've come up with is that, after I've rinsed it off, it just feels like what clean, normal skin must feel like.

Flourish feels like it moisturizes my skin at a deeper level than the surface, so it doesn't feel like anything is left behind; it just feels clean and healthy. I have absolutely no idea what type of alchemy you used, or how on earth you managed to invent such a miraculous formulation, but you did - and I appreciate it so much."




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