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We're always looking for more ways to reduce our impact on the planet and its resources, and to make our products and packaging as sustainable as possible. To offset industrial and environmental impact from the manufacture of refill packaging and overflowing landfills, we're proud to now offer all of our glass packaged products in refill versions, and also offer rewards when you return your glass empties to us. 



Our glass bottles are recyclable, but the pumps are not. Refills are packaged in the same container as the original version, but with a recyclable aluminum cap instead of a pump. 


Once you've finished your original product, save your pump and replenish with a Refill (at a discounted rate). When you receive your Refill, replace the aluminum cap with your original pump.


We'll pay you to send your empties back to us. See below.

refillable products

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return your empties and get rewards

Return five empty bottles of the same product, and we'll send you a voucher code for the full value of a brand new one. Use your code to replenish the same product, or toward any purchase of your choice.

Returns are free of charge. We'll send you the return label. Simply replenish your favorite products with our Refill options each time you run low, save and reuse your pump(s), and save your empties until you have 5 of one product. Then follow the simple steps below to return them to us. Once we've received the empty bottles, we'll send you your voucher code.


NOTE* Returns are currently offered for US residents, only. We are working hard to find solutions for our overseas friends as soon as possible.

how does it work?

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Let us know which product

empties you are returning

by filling out the form below.

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You'll receive a confirmation email

with details about your next steps and

how to return your empties

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Once we've received your return,

we'll be in touch with your product

voucher to spend on your next order.

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caring for your pumps

1. Prepare a bowl of warm soapy water. Submerge the tube end of the pump, and pump through enough to ensure it's clean all the way  through.


2. Repeat with plain water until the water water stops coming out soapy.

3. As an extra step, pump through some rubbing alcohol to aid in a quicker drying time.

lengthening the life
of your pumps

Our pumps are well made, but they are not immortal. They will last indefinitely with intentional care. 

* Clean your pump between uses, to keep them in the best working order.

* Pump gently to prevent damage to the pump mechanism. Always reapply the overcap after use.

* When removing from an old bottle, twist the base of the pump at the neck of the bottle completely before pulling away from the bottle.

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