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NATURALLOGIC emerged in 2007 out of the realization that a foundation of the right building blocks fosters health and vitality.

Since then, we’ve been nourishing happy skin and creating thriving, glowing complexions all over the world.

We combine our background in Nutrition, Plant Medicine and Science, with our passion for health + wellbeing to create skin + body care that outperforms while being mindful of our impact on this beautiful planet.

Our circular philosophy closes the loop of conscious self care, product efficacy, conscious consumerism, and sustainability with consciously formulated, minimalist, multifunctional formulas, meticulously and ethically sourced botanicals, environmentally conscious ingredients and packaging, sustainable practices, a facility powered by renewable energy, and an unwavering reverence for balance, integrity, quality and transparency.

We were #GreenBeauty, #CleanBeauty and #BlueBeauty long before these ideals were given names. We're so proud to be at the forefront of these revolutionary and evolutionary movements

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Skin is our largest organ. Yet, because our body nourishes our vital organs first, our skin is the last organ to receive nutrients from the foods we eat. That means after our body utilizes all the nutrients it needs to recover and restore from our day to day, only then will it pass on to skin any nutrients that remain. We make nutrition packed skin care to feed skin an abundance of whole plant vitamins, minerals, proteins, lipids, and fatty acids, from food-grade sources, in doses it can’t get from your daily diet. Plus potent supplemental bioactive nutrients to help it function at its best.


Healthy vibrant skin is the natural result of certain key elements: Bioavailable Nutrition, Low inflammation levels, Consistent Detoxification, Healthy Hydration + Moisture Balance, Barrier Strength, and Environmental Protection/Adaptability. Each product we develop is multifunctional and operates in several of these areas, allowing you a powerful daily ritual in fewer steps, while receiving the most broad spectrum results.

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Science is the study of Nature.

Nature without Science lacks understanding and structure. Science without Nature has no origin or purpose. One without the other is incomplete. They exist for each other. Two sides of one coin. There is nothing that exists that wasn't first born out of the natural world. Nature's infinite intelligence knows our skin + cells intimately, because it created them. Science observes Nature's patterns, and interprets them. Partnering the 2 in this way, without championing one over the other allows us to combine the best of both worlds, providing a coherent, balanced system with which to create skin and body care in tune with Nature and in tune with our skin.



Well-being is our highest priority. And for us, that’s a holistic process. Which is why we make skincare the way we do, and have the values we have. We focus not just on the health of skin and how it functions, but wellbeing overall, with products created to support habits that nourish body/mind/soul. We provide wellbeing resources and nutrient-dense, minimalist skin care to help you consume less but BETTER, prioritize self care, and cultivate self-discovery and connection through daily ritual.

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