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"A lovely hard working mask! It smells good and really makes my skin look and feel great. It seems to smooth and soften fine lines and makes skin glow! I love it. Thank you!" - Wendy


"This pumpkin enzyme mask has totally transformed my skin! To give you some background, I am in my early thirties and my skin is combination-oily, sensitive, and acne prone. I am so thrilled to have found this shop and this mask! My skin has not looked this good in YEARS. Seriously. It is even helping heal and clear my acne! I started off by leaving the mask on for only 5 minutes, but I now leave it on for 20-30 minutes and get no irritation, which says a lot, given that my skin reacts to pretty much anything. My pores are refined, my acne scars are fading and my skin is left with an amazing glow that lasts until my next weekly treatment. Do not hesitate to try this! It is stellar!" - Mel


  • Essential for Mature, Environmentally Stressed, & Dull/Lackluster skin.

    This mask has a unique and transformative relationship with skin. During skin’s monthly life cycle, from the time cells are born until they reach the surface and shed, ALPHA BETA supports the cellular renewal process each step of the way. Nutrient rich pumpkin enzymes nourish cells with foundational vitamins, gently exfoliate, and illuminate the complexion. AHA's encourage fresh, healthy cell regeneration, remove dehydrated surface cells, dislodge environmental pollutants and encourage cells to form collagen and elastin. Willow Bark quells inflammation, decongests and clarifies pores to minimize and refine their appearance. And nourishing botanicals condition with deep, long lasting hydration, revealing fresh, smooth, healthy, vibrant skin.


    + Exfoliates, smoothes + refines
    + Provides long lasting hydration
    + Promotes quick, healthy cell regeneration
    + Infuses skin with vitamins + antioxidants, laying a foundation of nutrients for vibrance + environmental protection
    + Smoothes fine lines, improves tone + texture
    + Clarifies pores + complexion

    1.7 oz | 50ML