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LUNA Biofermented Red Wine Mask



2021 WINNER BEST FACE MASK - Innovation


NEW Upgraded Formula!


LUNA instantly imparts moisture balance and antioxidant nourishment, delivering intense hydration and luminosity, evening skin tone, and boosting natural radiance, while strengthening skin's barrier and protecting against water loss. As it rests on your skin and invigorates your senses, naturally occurring probiotics and fruit enzymes, antioxidants and brightening compounds, go to work cleansing pores, neutralizing free radicals, smoothing and refining, breathing new life and vitality into skin.


2 years in the making since the launch of our original formula, we've added more antioxidant power, higher naturally occurring Vitamin C content, more polyphenols, more polysaccharides, more brightening compounds, more conditioning and hydrating properties, and more of our in-house crafted red wine.

And we've added sulfur-rich juices to promote greater skin clarity and luminosity, while mitigating the bacteria that causes blemishing.


The result is brighter, clearer, stronger, smoother, firmer, more luminous, toned and supple skin.


Our in-house crafted red wine takes half a year to produce and harvest. Over the course of several lunar cycles, the enzyme and probiotic-rich grapes ferment, settle beneath the wine and are harvested at each new moon. This year's batch is crafted from Nebbiolo and Barolo red wine grapes.



NOTE* The color of LUNA may vary from batch to batch on the spectrum of deep red to deep purple,  due to natural seasonal differences in the grapes, and juices it contains, and the continuing activity of live probiotics thriving on fruit juices and proliferating, This is not only more beneficial for skin over time, but also extends the shelf life of your mask.

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