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The complete collection of our award-winning, high-performance, holistic skincare, in sample size. Try a little taste of our entire skincare line, whether for the first time, or take with you on your travels, gift to a loved one, or treat yourself. These 1-3 use offerings are the perfect way for you and your skin to get acquainted with our entire line and discover how they work for your skin and your senses.


Discovery Kit includes:


FLOURISH Gentle Fruit Enzyme Lotion Cleanser 5ML

ATMOSPHERE Nutrient Mist 3ML

ELEMENTAL Advanced Hydration Red Wine Essence 3ML

ALPHA BETA Enzyme Resurfacing Mask 8ML

UNMASK Detox Hydration Mask 8ML

SOUL MILK Soothing Moisture Mask 8ML

PHYTO NECTAR Radiance Oil Serum 1ML

ETERNAL MILK Vitamin Peptide Treatment 1ML

RAREFY Flawless Complexion Oil Serum 1ML

RESILIEN-C Antioxidant Booster 1ML

OMNI Moisture Creme 3ML


Each Kit contains a product insert with a brief explanation of the kit, a list of what it includes and a QR Code that links to the product page where you can find product information and usage directions for each product.

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