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5 tips to empower your self care

The right choices for you. Every time. In every situation.

The applies to your skin care routine. But it also applies to everything else. All of our decisions, choices and actions. About every aspect of life. Relations, work, our workout regimen, our life calling, what to eat, what not to eat, what to watch on Netflix, how to wear our hair, who's advice to take... Everything. For real. And it works.

Disclaimer: We'll never tell you what you 'should' do or what is best for you. But, we will guide you through how to discern for yourself. Intuition is a real thing. Until one is practiced at it, remember... if it's not a hell yes, it's a no.

1 check in with your intuition

It seems very simple. And it is. But, at first it may not be all that easy. Whenever you want to know what choice to make, about anything, literally ask yourself the question. The answer will come. It will be simply stated, straight to the point, without an ongoing dialogue or contradictions.

2 kinesiology

If you don't yet hear or feel comfortable trusting your inner voice, try muscle testing. Muscle testing is a way to get an answer from your subconscious mind by using your body as a barometer. There are numerous ways to apply kinesiology. You can stand with your feet sholder width apart, ask yourself a yes or no question, then feel if your body leans forward or backward. Make sure you decide beforehand which direction is yes and which is no.

3 decide and trust

Once you have your answer, don't second guess it or try to talk yourself out of it. This is the part that can make or break the process. We often know deep down what we truly want or what we should do, but we sabotage ourselves by not fully committing. One of the biggest causes of detours from our best life is energy splitting, where we split our focus and energy in 2 different directions by not going fully in the direction that calls us and giving our attention (which is also energy) to internal dialogue, fears or excuses. Energy splitting is the biggest cause of exhaustion and depression.

4 follow through

There's not really anything else to say. Except it's worth it. And so are you. The unknown is only unknown because we haven't gone there yet. Go.

One step at a time. Check in with your intuition along the way. It's never what our thoughts tells us is going to happen. And its usually a lot better than we could ever imagine.

5 the results

Following our intuition is just the beginning. The changes in our lives that happen as a result of following it are not only proof that it works, but can take some time to adjust to. But, if you look around you, you'll see that what is unfolding really matches you in a way that feels right. Not necessarily 'good' but RIGHT. There is a difference. What is right does feel good, but at first there can be fear involved (that's that protective mechanism against the 'unknown'). Fear can make us avoid what is 'right' for us, and following only what feels 'good' can be a distraction from the direction of our growth.

We each are a piece of the whole.

Your piece is amazing, and precious, and beautiful. And needed.

The more authentic we are in your interaction with the world, the more finely tuned our path will be, and the more readily we attract the circumstances and people that match us in living the best version of ourselves. Whatever that is in any moment.

So, feel it out. Ask yourself questions. Trust the answers. Follow through. Enjoy!

Happy New Year <3


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