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refills + returns program

return your empty cosmetic bottles and jars to keep our fragile environment free of one time use containers.

Our initiative for more responsible treatment of the planet, and greater consumer consciousness

The average consumer applies 5 to 10 products daily in just their grooming routine, between shampoos, conditioners, deodorants, tooth paste, lotions and more, and that doesn't include the number of products we women use, concealers, foundations, eye shadows, lipstick, blush, mascara, eyeliners, you name it!

Soon we realize we were part of the problem, not the solution.

All those one-time-use empty containers, lids and attachments — pumps, sprayers, and droppers — including ours, were ending up in landfills year after year.


Since 2019, we’ve saved over 18 tonnes of plastic waste from going to landfill with our innovative refillable options! So, what are you waiting for? Let’s replenish your beauty cabinet, save money, and save the planet at the same time! If a refill option isn't available for your product, check out our Return, Recycle, Reward Scheme below.


For serums, oils, mists, and moisturisers, make sure to keep your reusable pumps and pipettes (reusable for up to 12 months for serums and 18 months for oils) and order a refill bottle to replenish your supply. Then, you can recycle the original bottles at home, or upcycle them into something beautiful!

For body care products, powder cleansers, and powder makeup, keep your empty containers and order a biodegradable refill pouch. Refill pouches cost less and are compostable too, for minimal waste!

We really pushed the boat out to create our refillable Colour Palette technology – you can refill anything from highlighter to brow pomades without waste! We also offer refill cartridges for Kiss Me Quick lipsticks. Keep the twisty tube and collect your empty cartridges, because when you send five back to Tropic HQ, you’ll receive a new lippy for free! Find the details of our Return, Recycle, Reward Scheme below.

The Classic 100% Cotton T-Shirt is everything a t-shirt should be: soft, relaxed, and comfortable.

- Soft cotton jersey
- Short sleeves
- V-neck
- Machine wash


For products that are a little trickier to recycle at home, we’ll do the hard work for you – and reward you for saving the planet, too! It’s all part of our RETURN, RECYCLE, REWARD SCHEME.

You can return 5 of any of the same product packaging below, using a free returns label, and we'll treat you to a Tropic voucher for the full value of a brand new product!

Please note we cannot accept single pumps or sachets. Refill pouches for Luxury Bath Foam and Signature Hand Wash only can be returned as part of the refill scheme and not the bottle/pump packaging.

Refills in puches still cost you, and they require to be emptied within 2 days, and mustthen use more carbon output to bre4ak down. And further they do not reduce the number of new packaging being created and used to make your new/future products. For you or anyone else. Returning your bottles allows us to reuse them instead of having new ones made for future orders, which saves not only carbon out put making them, but also the high output in transit. Recycling actually creates more carob output! Not everyone recycles, and only 25%(check for accuracy), of recycled material actually gets recycled, per year. Inner pouch compostable, if you compost, and outer envelop must be recycled. That's more transit time, and more carbon output to recycle. Recycling is so beneficial to reducing waste, but upcycling or reusing is even better, as it rpevents more from being made in the first place, and more carbon putput on the back end.

Shop for your favorite products! Most are packed in jars or bottles offered with optional pumps, sprayers or droppers.

Once your products runs out, come back and order a new bottle, this time without the topper, pump, sprayer or dropper.

Wash and disinfect the topper from your empty bottle, and reuse it in your new bottle.

We'll pay you to send those empty bottles back to us! We will wash them, sterilize them and refill them with more of our fabulous products!

The result? NO MORE TRASH!

The Classic 100% Cotton T-Shirt is everything a t-shirt should be: soft, relaxed, and comfortable.

- Soft cotton jersey
- Short sleeves
- V-neck
- Machine wash

How does it work?


Let us know which product

empties you are returning

by filling out our online form.


You'll receive a confirmation email

with details about your next steps and

how to return your empties


Once we've received your return,

we'll be in touch with your product

voucher to spend on your next order.


Save your pumps

Pumps can be washed and sanitized. Here's how.


Collect all empty glass bottles and jars you wish to return. Do not remove the labels. We only accept our own product packing in our RETURNforCASH program. Containers without labels won't be accepted and won't count towards your refund.


Remove pumps, sprayers and droppers from bottles. These tops can be washed, sanitized and reused for your refills.

To wash them run soapy water. Fill a glass with water and dish soap. Pump the soapy solution through until fully clean and free of product residue. Repeat as many times as necessary.

Rinse by running clean water and disinfect them by pumping alcohol.

Your pumps, sprayers and droppers are now clean to be reused!


  • Wash the inside of the bottles and jars with soapy water to remove all product residue.

  • Let containers air dry before packing your empties
    for return.

  • Screw metal caps from the refill bottles onto the empty bottles.

  • Pack the empty clean containers in a cardboard box.

  • Protect glass from breakage by wrapping each container with newspaper or other biodegradable packing material.

  • Place containers in a box and fill any empty spaces with more packing material.


  • Soap boxes. You can place those in your recycling bin with newspapers and cardboard.

  • Containers that aren't ours.

  • Metal tin cans.

  • Containers without labels. These won't be accepted and won't count towards your refund.

  • Toppers, (droppers, sprayers or pumps). Please don't include these or throw them out. These can be reused several times.

Fill in the Form Below

Weight and measure your box. Fill out the form below with the information requested. We will email you a RETURN CARD and a SHIPPING LABEL so you can mail your empties back to us.

Contact form


Email *

Phone number

Number of bottles being returned

Box weight in lb and oz

Box dimensions Height x Width x Depth

Your address


Once we receive your empties we will take care of the recycling part and credit your account the total amount for your refund within 4-6 weeks.

RETURNforCASH refunds are provided in the form of e-Gift Certificates.

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